5’3”, 129 lbs, short brown hair, grey highlights, brown eyes, unibrow (plucked). Pierced ears, silver hoop earrings, silver necklace with a Hamsa Chai pendant. Shoe size: 8.5. Bra size: 34C. Perfume: Chanel No. 19. Watch: Swatch. Tattoos: none. TB inoculation scar on upper left arm. Crowns: 5. Jeans with T-shirt.

Growing up in Hungary, I watched my father piece together the shards of a 2,000-year-old pot he found on the shores of the Danube. That was back in the early ‘60’s. Now, 50 years later, living on the other side of the Atlantic, I work with clay. Each time I throw a pot on my wheel or sculpt a figure, the clay in my hand connects me to those millions of anonymous ceramic artists whose names vanished but whose beautiful pottery and sculptures still tell stories. It’s humbling to remember that the first clay figure, the Venus of Dolní Věstonice, was fired around 30,000 years ago and the potter's wheel was invented in Mesopotamia around 6,000 BC.